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What We Do

Kitcheners is now owned and run by John and Matt Bryant who are a father and son team. They both have many years experience in the manufacturing and retailing of kitchens and have combined their knowledge to form a specialist kitchen replacement business that prides itself on offering value for money. John Bryant formed his original kitchen company in 1981 and turned it into a very large and successful, multi showroom manufacturing company that he eventually sold in 1997. A year later, he decided to start again from a single family run outlet in Hereford where he could enjoy a more hands on approach, and keep involved with his customers.

Despite the difficult economic situation, Kitcheners have continued to prosper, largely due to a combination of sound experience, good buying power and very sensible pricing. Kitcheners boast that 8 out of 10 people asking them to quote, actually go on to become their customers, suggesting that they must be doing something right.

Look at the reasons to buy from Kitcheners listed below:

  1. True kitchen specialists with years of experience. They have a kitchen only business. Unlike others, they do not sell bathrooms, sheds, antiques etc. They just sell fitted kitchens, that's what they know, that's what they are good at.
  2. Top quality, rigid furniture with a wide choice of doors.
  3. Probably the best showroom in the area with over 15 displays.
  4. Experienced installers that generally work only for Kitcheners.
  5. Branded kitchen appliances sold at internet prices.
  6. Very sensible pricing structure that ensures value for money, that in turn brings recommendations and therefore reduces advertising costs.
  7. Customer friendly payment terms.
  8. Free design and quotation without obligation.
  9. All installations project managed from start to finish.